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Medical experience at Nikali

We offer a wide range of services to target various needs. 

Arthritis & Sport injury

Arthritis and Sport injury are the main causes of chronic pain. The good news is there are new developments in medicine that have revolutionized  the way specialists treat this pathologies. 


Headache & Migrane

Headache is one of the most known complaints and has been reported in different forms even in ancient books. In modern life, headache has become a more serious complaint due to lifestyle changes and increased stress level.


Pain Injections

In this section the information on nerve blocks, cortisone & epidural injections will be available soon.


For now the new patients are accepted through referrals from a primary physician. 

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What Our Clients Say

I have known Dr Kajdehi for many years. He is an excellent physician with ample of knowledge and experience. Helping patients is his passion! Patient-centred care, attention to detail and the best possible outcomes are what you should expect with this clinician. Nikali is a beautiful and modern clinic in a convenient location. Keep up the outstanding work, Doctor!
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