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Body Contouring 

Treat stubborn fat and tone muscles with the 

award-winning treatment.

We are offer a 15-minute treatment to help you achieve your body sculpting goals quickly and effectively.


Discover the difference at Nikali Clinic. 


Fat Reduction

Who is truSculpt for?

Since the treatment safely and precise targets fat cells and is tailored to meet individual needs, almost everyone can be a candidate.

How long does a treatment take? 

Procedure time depends on the size and number of treatment areas. It typically takes 15-30 minutes to treat the abdomen and flanks.

How many treatments do I need?

A single 15-minute session achieves an average of 24% fat reduction! Noticeable results will become visible after one session and can be enhanced with additional treatments based on your personal preference and goals.

What do the treatment feel like? 

truSculpt procedures are typically described as a similar feeling to a comforting hot stone massage. 

How long does it take to see results? 

Results are visible after just one treatment, with maximum results seen after 12 weeks. 

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How many treatments a needed? 

Remarkable results can be achieved with a little as four treatments. Additional treatments may be required to achieve the personalized results that you desire.

What will the treatment feel like?

As the treatment begins, patients feel a gentle contraction sensation and as the intensity slowly increases, the muscle contraction intensifies but remains comfortable.


Is there really no downtime?

truFlex in non-invasive, requires no recovery time, and patients are able to immediatly return to normal activities and treatment. Post-procedure, patients may notice tingling in the areas treated for up to a few hours and/or slight muscle soreness or tenderness for 24-72 hours.

Muscle Building

Who is truFlex for?

Any healthy person who is looking for an effective way to boost their muscle-building process. During the consultation, our provider will discuss whether you are a good candidate based on your health and medical history. 

How long does a treatment take? 

Up to eight areas can be treated in each 15-minute session. It is recommended that 4 session are completed over the course of two weeks, each session spaced 2-5 days apart.

How long does it take to see results? 

Results are visible after just one treatment, with maximum results seen after 12 weeks. 

Nika is our truBody specialist who will deliver the best results in a safe manner to you. 

Meet Nika


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In the videos provided you can get to see some behind the scenes and get a better understanding of what to expect once you are at Nikali

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